viernes, febrero 27

Brooke Nipar

Brooke Nipar Diary

chicas y coches

jueves, febrero 26


Starry nite

Last night I had a nice dinner and drinks with the author of this collage (and recently an ISN collaborator)

mamá oso, papá oso, y junior.

martes, febrero 24

Bit glitchy

The guy in this ruined photograph is Superpitcher. It was originally meant for a flyer but the party got cancelled, so, I thought it'd look good with one of my favorite M83 songs.

M83 "Don't Save Us From The Flames (Superpitcher Remix)"

Out of Focus

I've got this teen angsty obsession with blurry photographs.

I'll be posting them here, I think.

Hope you like'em too!