lunes, marzo 30

The Lost Tribes of NYC

I see faces everywhere.

And they make noises too.

domingo, marzo 29

toi et moi

toi et moi, originally uploaded by mely avila..

Scentless Apprentice

Este domingo me puse a escuhar a Nirvana.

Scentless Apprentice

sábado, marzo 28

dino valls

viernes, marzo 27

best intro EVER

What the spirits tells me..

Diva Dompe, Pocahaunted
Teen Creeps.
Cuauhtémoc Suárez

martes, marzo 24

New Rafael


and...Toilet Paper

Rafaël Rozendaal

fry your chickens!

gatito y sol

gatito y sol

How to make Doraemon onigiri by AnnaTheRed

I came across this delicious link at Simples
hope u enjoy :P

AnnaTheRed's bento factory

lunes, marzo 23

lo importante es que seas feliz

viernes, marzo 20


The Hang (or Hang Drum as it is often referred to) is a tuned 
steel idiophone developed in Switzerland in 2000.

Buying one of these doesn't exactly seem to be the easiest thing 
on earth. They only get produced by ONE company (2 people), 
which are the same guys who created the instrument in the first 
place. Rumors spread you have to pay up to 6000$ on the 
blackmarket (ebay) order directly and wait for...ahemm...
a long time before you can get one. Contact by letter only. 
More information is available here

Still, the Hang produces some of the most amazing sounds 
I've ever listened to. Watch the video and judge for yourself.

jueves, marzo 19

Over and out

Por fin ya tengo nuevo hogar, proyecto laboral y una excelente colega.

wouldn't it be nice just to break the ice?


cholula2, originally uploaded by mely avila..

lunes, marzo 16

omelette de jamón y queso

ramon martins

We only want to PLAY!

Beware of German "Kids Play Corners"! Better chill and listen to my new mixtape:

dJ FinGeR bRuTaL MinT400 Miks

in heaven everything is fine

domingo, marzo 15

natalia mallo


i want i want!!

viernes, marzo 13

down the rabbit hole

jueves, marzo 12

yo yo yo!


no es charro, ni maple

no es charro, ni maple, originally uploaded by mely avila..

miércoles, marzo 11

naughty sailorettes

Breakfast at Sulimays

Best critics ever.

You Don't Know What Love Is

I had the craziest night ever last night. It wasn't as fun as this picture though, but I wont ever forget it. Anyways, I can't get this song out of my head either...

2000F & J Kamata "You Don't Know What Love Is"

martes, marzo 10

I always knew Thor was a cool guy

Petra Cortright


lunes, marzo 9

how come


source unknown

domingo, marzo 8


viernes, marzo 6



jueves, marzo 5

spring is here.

lick my legs

miércoles, marzo 4

teen angst